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Meet Brock Buttars

Brock butters of Brockstar Performance

Welcome to Brockstar Adventures. Our tours are led by the World Renowned Timbersled expert, Brock Buttars. With his expertise and passion, he offers a range of tours that will take you on a breathtaking journey through the unforgettable Utah mountains, providing you with the perfect escape.

Brock is one of the four Team Polaris Timbersled Athletes, featured in RedBull's Powder Hounds series, and has trained some of our nation's most elite special forces operators on snow bikes making Brock known around the world for his expertise. It's time to explore the beauty of Utah's mountains and enjoy a thrilling adventure tailored to your skill level, with safety in mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Brockstar for an unforgettable adventure!


Amazing Experience!! Brock was super knowledgeable, best snowbike guide in the US! Brocks guided tours are awesome for all levels of riders , he always keeps safety in mind and knows all the great spots to ride, highly recommended for anyone looking to ride Utah/idaho area!

Zack Pennell


Timbersled Snowbike rental

Guided Timbersled Tours

Join me, Brock Butters, at my favorite stomping grounds, and experience the reason snowbiking is my passion. From the snow-covered trees to the crisp mountain air, it's pure bliss.

Timbersled Snowbike repair

Custom Timbersled Builds

Brocks passion for Timbersleds is unmatched, and he is dedicated to building customized Timbersleds that can meet clients' specific needs. Being a leader in the industry Brock and his team will create your perfect Timbersled.

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