Suspension Service

One of the most important things you can do with your bike is to tune the suspension to your weight, height, riding style and ability!  We know how to setup your suspension to make you feel confident to ride your bike to the best of your ability.  Here are some of the suspension services that we offer:

  • Snowbike Spring Fork Revalve with springs -  $299 (most models)
  • Snowbike Fork Seal/Service replacement with SKF seals  - $149/set
  • KTM AER48 Air Fork Fix with Air Recovery System (ARS Valve)  - $399
  • Shock service, includes tear-down, clean and inspect and oil change and Nitrogen recharge - $129
  • Shock revalve, customized to your weight / height / riding style - $179

Snow Bike - Building and Tuning

Snowbiking is the "next big thing", we jumped on them early and began riding, playing and testing to figure out the best suspension setups for the uniques demands of matching up a dirtbike with a snow bike kit.  Brock was excited to work with SnoWest to build and tune their bike.  You can read all about their review here: SnoWest Snow Bike Project

Engine Tuning and other services

Although we specialize in suspension services, we are a full-service motorcycle shop, feel free to call regarding any problems or performance upgrades and we'll be happy to discuss solutions that can meet your needs!